Mission Statement

One of the great assets of London is the abundance of open spaces. Its parks give both residents and visitors the chance to escape the commercial heart of our great city and enjoy some fresh air within a peaceful environment.

Regent’s Park is probably the finest. Its acres of wonderful parkland give us an opportunity to enjoy our favourite pastimes. Surrounded by some of the finest architecture with beautiful and historic buildings, who could not marvel at this perfect environment? There is even a world class Zoo and famous Open Air Theatre to complete this oasis.

The Park was not designed to allow the constant roar of through traffic on its roads but that is exactly what is now happening. The problem is simply that, in diverting their journeys through Regent’s Park, motorists are now destroying its environment and putting its users in danger.

The Outer Circle Action Group (OCAG), formed from a group of local campaigning organizations, is determined to do something about this issue. We propose a plan to prevent through traffic. The beauty of our scheme is that it allows residents and visitors to the park access by car but ‘rat running’ will be barred.

Please do support us by joining our campaign. Together we can look forward to enjoying our wonderful Regent’s Park as it should be enjoyed, with no through traffic.

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